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Discover the wonderful products of
Gastronomy, Water and Wines from Alto Tâmega


Enjoying the beauty of simple things in their pure state. Feeling the wind touching my face, smelling the freshness of the woods, listening to the water rhythmically cascade down the mountainside, the singing of the birds and the inaudible sound of the void! This is where our senses whisk us away on a journey to discover the meaning of life, and the value of nature.

Everything is tastier here!

The food is rich and made with expertise that respects tradition. The simplicity of the taste lies in the quality of genuine and authentic products.

This is where i have fun!

Waking up with a breath-taking view over fantastic landscapes, traversing paths and places steeped in history, traveling through contemporary reality and by the end of the day I’m still thrilled

This is where i always feel great!

Challenging my own limits… playing sports and building bonds of friendship as solid as the mountain rocks. With each passing step I chance upon unique places forged by time and preserved until our days.

This is where i always fall in love with the landscape and the people!

The identity and the culture of this people find a home in my heart! Simple and authentic people, who hold timeless secrets and knowledge, who uphold peace of mind, who preserve and treasure, such a welcoming and cheerful people! They are a proud and happy people, who laugh and hug, who love life, who respect nature, who know their place in the world and who aim to please!